Having A Midlife Without The Crisis

That middle section of our lives can sometimes throw us a bit off-course. We may have health problems we didn’t have in our salad days or those we had may have gotten more established. The kids have grown so we’re no longer really known as ‘X’s mother’ and we were so involved in playing the role of ‘Mother’ to child X that we lost sight of who we are. So, now we have the opportunity to renew our acquaintance with ourselves.

This is where I’ll be chronicling my attempts at meeting middle-age head on armed mostly with a decent ant-ageing cream, a new lippy and an ‘individual’ sense of style that can fluctuate wildly depending on the direction of the wind on a Wednesday afternoon at 3.12pm. The outcome of these attempts will vary in degrees of success but, hopefully, we’ll see more wins than losses, however small. At the end of the day, if things go horribly wrong, there is always gin 😉

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